The ancient Greek goddess Nike is most often identified as the goddess of victory. Later called Victoria by the Romans, the goddess Nike closely mirrors many attitudes held by the Greeks towards form, beauty, competition... More »

The company name "Nike" is not actually an acronym, but is instead named after the goddess of victory in Greek mythology. The company was founded in 1964, and it was originally called Blue Ribbon Sports, but they changed... More »

Venus was the Roman goddess of love, sexuality, beauty, prosperity and fertility. Julius Caesar claimed to be related to Venus, and she also was known as the mother of the Roman people. Many religious festivals incorpora... More »

Athena is a Greek virgin goddess and daughter of Zeus. She is the goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. Greek mythology credits her with inventing the bridle, which permitted man to tame horses. More »

The Nike Company name has its origins in Greek mythology and is named for Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The goddess Nike is also known for her traits of swift running and flying. Nike company founders first used th... More »

Nike, a sportswear company, gets its name from Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. Nike was a winged goddess, and the Nike logo also features wings. More »

The Nike logo is meant to suggest movement, because it represents the wings of the Greek goddess of victory, Nike. The iconic "swoosh" was designed in 1971 by Portland State University student Carolyn Davidson, who was h... More »