Hides have to be split into two layers before they can be used as furniture leather. The bottom layer created by that split is referred to as split leather or sometimes as bottom grain. More »

Tips for buying quality leather furniture include understanding the terms manufacturers use to describe it, choosing the appropriate finish for your lifestyle and considering the longer life of leather. Leather prices ar... More »

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Bicast leather is split leather, the part of the hide left after the top-grain layer is removed, that is laminated with a polyethylene or polyurethane coating and embossed with grain patterns for a natural look. It is mu... More »

Nubuck leather is made from top-grain cowhide. Nubuck looks very similar to suede, but the two are created using different sides of the hide. More »

To stretch leather gloves, put them on your hands and dip your hands into a bucket of warm water. Wear the wet gloves until they dry, making sure to move your hands and flex your fingers. More »

Remove chewing gum from leather by applying soap suds to the gum, scraping the gum off of the material, drying the leather and applying a leather cleaner. You need detergent, water, a sponge, a clean cloth and leather cl... More »

Techniques for softening leather include rubbing it with coconut oil or a combination of alcohol and Vaseline. There are also many commercial products available specifically for softening leather, such as conditioning cr... More »

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