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How to Treat Split Ends. Split ends occur when hair becomes weak and begins to break near the end of the hair shaft. Too much heat styling, sunlight, or harsh styling products can all cause split ends. Fortunately, there is a way to manage...


Use a split end treatment to prevent splitting. Our readers have done the work here for you by testing out these hair care products that remedy split ends. Whether in serum, conditioner, silkener or shampoo form, our readers rave these products will give your strands all the hair therapy they need to become healthier.


Split ends can make it difficult to have a really good hair day. The term split ends refers to the splitting or fraying of the hair shaft. The condition is medically called trichoptilosis and is caused by thermal, mechanical or chemical stress that wears away the protective outer layer of the hair cuticle. Lack of […]


Wondering how to get rid of split of ends? The only proven split-end treatment method is to have them snipped off, but we asked experts what you can do between salon appointments to improve the ...


One of the ever best remedies to make your strands free from split ends, dryness, and dullness is the application of egg. There are various ways, in which, the egg can be applied to your hair. You can apply egg mixed with olive oil/almond oil and honey as a hair mask, and wash off after 30-45 minutes.


To be clear, the only way to truly banish this dreaded hair affliction is to snip the split ends off. However, you can treat them so they’re less noticeable between cuts. The best part? You don’t need a fancy hair mask or serum to do it. We caught up with stylists Jesse Montana, Alessandra Saman, and Melissa Brown of Mêche Salon in Beverly Hills to nab their favorite split-end treatments.


Home remedies for split ends: Papaya consists of folic acid that helps in improving your blood circulation 7. Coconut Oil. This is the most common, age-old recipe to prevent split ends. It helps in smoothening your hair and remove the dirt present on the scalp. It clearly combats all hair problems including split ends, dullness and hair fall.


'Split ends are a result of the fraying or separating of the hair strand into two or more fragments,' says Sam Burnett, Owner and Creative Director of Hare & Bone. 'This is down to damage caused ...


How to Remove and Prevent Split Ends. Split ends aren't fun, and they always seem to reappear not too long after you get rid of them. Fortunately, there are things you can do to get rid of split ends and protect your hair so they don't...


Split ends can be a cause of perennial distress. No matter how long your hair is, those split ends end up giving your beloved tresses a broom-like appearance! Therefore, let us take a quick look ...