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Splice wire with confidence. Whether you need to splice 30 AWG solid copper magnet wire or 4/0 stranded aluminum wire, our broad range of splices allow you to splice solid or stranded wire - with copper, aluminum, or a combination of both.


Crimp-on wire connectors work well if they’re crimped properly (a 5/16-in.-wide crimp) and sealed (usually with heat-shrinkable tubing). But most cheap crimping tools only make a 1/8-in. crimp, so you’d have to make four of them for a simple butt connection.

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A splice is the joining of two or more conductors together in a manner that results in a permanent electrical termination and mechanical bond, and may be completed by either crimp or solder process. See Section 4.01 "Cable and Harness, General Requirements", and Section 6.01 "Through-Hole Soldering, General Requirements", for common accept ...


Get twist-on wire connectors for ordinary household wiring splices. Turn off the power. Install a connecting box or use an existing box. Insert the cables through the connecting box holes. Strip one inch of insulation off the wires to be connected and twist the wires with matching color of insulation together. Twist on the twist-on wire connectors.


6) Wire nut and split bolt splices. The wire nut is a device commonly used to replace the rattail joint splice. The wire nut is housed in plastic insulating material. To use the wire nut, place the two stripped conductors into the wire nut and twist the nut.


Electrical Wire Splice FAQs - Q&A on how to join electrical wires or make splices, How to splice electrical wires - Electrical Wire Splicing Guide for Homeowners & DIY Repairs Questions & answers about electrical wiring splices, connections, connectors


Butt splice connectors are used to lengthen, change, or repair an electrical circuit with a straight splice. The ends of a stripped wire are inserted into the openings on the connector so that the wire ends butt against each other inside the splice. The splice is then secure in place on the wire.


Once tightened, it will create a solid, if obtrusive, wire splice. Inline wire connectors can be crimped over the bare wires for another solid electrical connection.


Crimped connectors fulfill numerous uses, including termination of wires to screw terminals, blade terminals, ring/spade terminals, wire splices, or various combinations of these. A tube-shaped connector with two crimps for splicing wires in-line is called a butt splice connector.


Butt Connectors. Maney Wire & Cable offer high quality, high-performance butt splice connectors in a range of sizes and styles. Our inventory includes insulated and non-insulated butt connectors for all electrical applications. Ring Connectors (Eyelets) We carry a huge selection of standard and specialty ring connectors.