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A splice is the joining of two or more wires by twisting them together. A plastic connector, called a wire nut, is used to insulate and secure the splice. Use a wire nut size appropriate for the number and gauge of the wires you're using. Wire splice connections must be housed inside a covered electrical box, known as a junction box.


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There are many acceptable methods for making a wire splice and you need to consider many different factors when making a splice. Here are a few considerations. High Voltage vs. Low Voltage – If the connection is 24V or less it USUALLY has fewer NEC (National Electrical Code) rules and regulations about how the connections are […]


So when I stated the different wire splices, I am going off the proper military and NASA methods. And yes thermal-shunts are used when tinning any wire before any type connection is made. because such a thermal shunt keeps solder, and of course rosin, from wicking up under the insulation.


Once tightened, it will create a solid, if obtrusive, wire splice. Inline wire connectors can be crimped over the bare wires for another solid electrical connection.


Aluminum Compression lugs and splice are dual rated for copper or aluminum wire and cable up to 1000 MCM. Each lug’s barrel is pre-filled with an oxide inhibitor for increase longevity of your connections. Mechanical lugs and splices are a great way to make a strong and reliable connection that is re-usable and quick to install.


Precaution: Identify the affected power source, turn it OFF and then Tag it with a Note before performing any wire splicing or cable repairs. Special Materials: Depending on the final enclosure to protect the splices, Moisture proof or Water Resistant Materials including Properly sized wire connectors, anti-corrosion ointment, electrical tape ...


My dilemma is in adding the fixtures into the circuit between the existing fixture and the switch. I will need to splice additional wire into the circuit, but I'm certain there isn't enough slack to draw the existing line into the fixture's junction box to make the connections.


To fix the problem, first, turn off the power to the circuit.Then, remove the electrical tape from the wires and clean them. Make sure there is the proper amount of exposed wire showing (for most connectors, this means about 3/4 inch), then join the wires together with a wire nut or other approved connector (there are now push-in connectors that some pros like to use).