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Alternative RNA splicing occurs in eukaryotic cells, enabling eukaryotes to make multiple proteins from a single gene. Eukaryotic messenger RNA contains expressed regions called exons and intervening regions called introns. Before mature mRNA exits the nucleus, molecules of small nuclear RNA remove


Splicing of mRNA is the process by which the non-coding introns are removed from RNA transcripts, leaving only the part of the gene is translated into amino acids. In some cases, the RNA transcript can be spliced in more than one way to produce multiple mRNA transcripts.


In most forms of prescriptive English grammar, use of a comma splice is never appropriate. This type of grammatical error joins two independent clauses together with a comma, creating a construct similar to a run-on sentence. Some English language style guides consider comma splices acceptable, howe


Connecting wires allows an electrical current to travel from one point on a circuit to another, because electricity needs a medium through which to move. In the case of computers, wires are embedded into circuit boards, carrying pulses of electricity that are interpreted as binary signals of zeros a


To begin eye splicing a three strand rope, first tape the end of the rope and cut off the melted end. Then, remove this original tape and individually tape each of the three strands with masking tape. Next, take one of the strands and unwind it from the other two.


The difference between wired and wireless computer connections lies predominantly in the speed and stability of the connection. A wired connection generally has a faster, more stable connection when it is compared to the wireless type.


Alternators typically use four wires which connect the ground, output, sensor and ignition indicator. These are known as the L, IG, S, B and F terminals. Alternators are ground either through their outer casing or a separate wire terminal connected to either the engine block or chassis. The output w


The basics of house wiring involve creating electrical circuits that provide alternating current to outlets, fixtures and appliances. The majority of residential homes utilize single phased power producing 120 or 240 volts of alternating current. Various building codes and regulations exist to reduc


Pigtailing is a wiring method that allows an electrical device to be connected to two or more circuit wires. Learn the proper technique for pigtailing. BanksPhotos / Getty Images Pigtail connections are very handy if you have to connect multiple circuit wires to a device, such as an outlet receptacl


Clive (Brody) is a superstar geneticist who dresses like a hipster rock musician. Girlfriend Elsa (Polley)—the brainiac Nancy Spungen to his Sid Vicious—works w Worldwide By entering your email address you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive emails from Time Out about