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PLEASE use a mechanical bond to connect large wires. Never rely on just solder to hold things together, especially when dealing with lethal currents. Home improvement stores will sell crimp-on style connectors that will let you splice 12 or 14 ga. wires together without soldering, or you can even use wire nuts used in house wiring.


Step 5 - Use a Splice Kit. A splice kit containing an inline connector will join the two ends of a break securely in a polyolefin sleeve, which will shrink when heat is applied, to maintain a water-resistant connection. Inside the heat shrinkable tubing is an adhesive liner that will melt when heated.


Tyco Electronic's Non-metallic splice and tap kits provide a fast and reliable method for splicing or tapping 2 wire w/ ground and splicing 3 wire w/ground non-metallic cables up to 300 volts. They are designed and approved for use in rework within existing structures.


I work on generators for a living and you can buy connectors that splice 2 wires together. All you need to do is strip the 2 wires, twist them around each other and then crimp them to the connector. If you cant find that connector, you might also try using a wire nut or you last resort could be electrical tape.


Splicing any high voltage conductor in an “open” manner or in way that is not specifically rated. In most cases get a UL rated connector and make the connection inside a UL / NEMA rated rated box or assembly. Making a splice by just twisting wires together and putting electrical tape on top. Just don’t.


Of course you can. I’ve done it. It is just remarkably fiddly. You have to identify carefully all the strands from each conductor, and ensure you have not got any crossed over, because that would short across the earpiece. I then tend to remove so...


Twist the wires of the same polarity together horizontally and smoothly so that the twisted portion is in line with the wiring. Solder the connection so that the solder penetrates the twisted wires. Slide the shrink tubing over the splice. Blow on the shrink tubing with a hair dryer until it has shrunk over the splice.


How to Splice Coax Cable. Coaxial cable, commonly referred to as coax, is an electronic signal wire used for signals that are noise sensitive. To protect the signal of interest, coax wraps a single conductor with a tube of metal foil and...


In this example I have one 16AWG wire feeding five 16AWG outputs for power distribution. Bundle the output wires together with whatever temporary method works (tape, zip ties, clamps, all of the above). Try to insert the end of the input wire into the center of the bundle.


Gently twist two pieces of number 12 wire together, solder them. Then clamp one in a vise, and pull on the other. See where it breaks. THHN insulation handles moderate heat from soldering well. The propane torch will wipe it out a bit, but a couple of weller guns will do just fine. The larger weller gun can do two number six stranded wires by ...