A church rainbow tea is a mother-daughter or women-only tea event held by a church as a fundraiser, charity event or women's ministry gathering. It features at least seven tables representing seven colors of the rainbow.... More »

A rainbow has a spiritual meaning attached to it in the form of an inner awakening caused by the shining through of light embedded in positive attributes, such as truth and wisdom. Rainbows are renowned for their brillia... More »

While some Christians have used the colors of the rainbow in interpreting or usurping meaning from the biblical stories, the Bible itself assigns no meaning to the colors. The rainbow appears only twice in the Bible, in ... More »

A church rainbow tea is a meeting organized by women only for women that is intended to celebrate the happiness of being a female Christian leader in the church or home. The rainbow colors are used to decorate the church... More »

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The best way to ask a church for help is to approach the minister or other ministry leader directly. If he cannot help you directly, he should be able to direct you to an appropriate individual or agency within town who ... More »

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To create a program for a church event, list the name of the person or people leading the service and the theme of the service, include upcoming church events, list ways for church members to connect outside of the servi... More »

Consider the color that is to be used on the sanctuary's walls; light colors create an atmosphere of redemption and holiness, while darker colors lend the space a more reserved ambiance. Try to balance peaceful earth ton... More »