Homemade spider repellents that use garlic, peppermint oil, citronella, tomato leaves, or tobacco and lemon can keep spiders out of the home, according to Pest Kill. These repellents work as a preventative measure when a... More »

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Make a natural spider repellent by selecting an essential oil that kills or repels spiders, diluting it with water, and spraying the mixture in areas where spiders gather. The oils dissipate over time, so reapply the rep... More »

Spider spray containing pesticides and natural oil is the best form of spider repellent. Aerosols contained in spider spray are effective in repelling and exterminating spiders indoors and outdoors. More »

Nursery web spiders are named for their habit of lashing leaves together as a shelter for newly hatched spiderlings, which they watch over until their first moult. Their maternal care is extensive for spiders, and they c... More »

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While Michigan is home to 39 different species of spiders, the southern black widow is the only poisonous spider indigenous to the state. The other 38 species of spider native to Michigan are not poisonous. Only three ty... More »

The best way to repel spiders is to keep the home clear of dust, food, clutter and debris that attract insects. A bug repellent, long-handled broom or high-pressure hose can be used to get rid of existing spiders outside... More »

To get rid of bed spiders, clear out areas around the floor, vacuum up existing spiders, set traps for crawling insects and seal up entry ways to the home. Discourage spiders from settling with a spider repellent product... More »