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Yes, spies are real, but they very seldom resemble how they are portrayed on television and in the movies. Spies are used to gather information about governments, businesses and other organizations to which a person or group does not normally have access. The use of spies is seen throughout history


A love tester is a game that is available online that rates the compatibility of two people by using simply their names or the success rate of a possible relationship between the two people. There are many love tester games online, which can be found on sites like AGame and Love-Tester.


A Love Tester arcade game may work in several different ways. Some games rely on measuring the user's hand moisture levels, monitoring the skin's conductance via electronic testing, while others measure hand temperature. Another method of testing involves a random generator; this is especially commo


In order to apply to be a video game tester, locate job openings and resources from gaming expert websites, such as GameIndustryCareerGuide.com; from video game websites like the jobs link on Nintendo.com; or from traditional online job websites, such as CareerBuilder.com. Game tester applicants nee


Battery load testers work by connecting to each of the battery's poles and passing the electrical current from the battery through a conductive material inside the load tester. A sensor connected to the conductive medium inside the load tester responds to the change in current, and it moves a needle


It is possible to be a video game tester who primarily works from home. Some game companies, such as Kwalee, seek permanent employees who work remotely, while other companies use freelance job boards or services, such as VMC, Utest and FlexJob, to test their games via temporary remote workers.


The love tester game cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. As this and similar games simply use names to determine compatibility between two individuals, the love tester game does not take into consideration personality types or any defining characteristics. These are just numerology games, as LoveCa


A dead weight tester is an instrument that calibrates pressure by determining the weight of force divided by the area the force is applied. The formula for dead weight testers is pressure equals force divided by area of where force is applied.


Some companies that employ game testers are Epic Games, Nintendo and Gunfire Games. The education and experience required by each company for game testers varies.


To use a circuit tester, begin by protecting yourself from electrical shocks by using a circuit tester with an insulated grip. Insert the probe into the main holes of the wall outlet, and monitor the voltage. After checking the amount of voltage it displays, gently remove the probes from the power o