Speed is rate of change in position, measured in distance over time, while acceleration is the change of speed in a particular direction over time. A car can move at a constant speed around a curve, but it is still accel... More »

Acceleration shows the changes in the magnitude and direction of velocity. It is a vector with a standard unit of meters per second squared. More »

Acceleration is any change in the speed or the direction of movement. It does not matter, from a scientific point of view, if only the direction changes but not the speed, as with a planet in a circular orbit, or if the ... More »

The general formula for finding speed is x = d / t, where "x" denotes the speed, "d" indicates the distance traveled and "t" represents the time it takes to cover "d." Speed is a scalar quantity that is entirely defined ... More »

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Because velocity is the rate of motion of an object in a specific direction, either an increase or decrease in the object's speed or a change in its direction of travel causes its velocity to change. This change in veloc... More »

The rate of change in velocity is called acceleration. In the study of mechanics, acceleration is computed as it relates to time with a final unit of distance over time squared. More »

In science, speed is defined as the total distance traveled divided by the total time it took to travel that particular distance. Speed is dependent on the amount of time that it takes a person or object to move toward s... More »