A list of Spectera vision providers is available using the Provider Quick Search function on MySpectra.com. Entering a ZIP code returns a list of local Spectera vision providers. A similar search function is also availab... More »

Local doctors of optometry accept OptumHealth Vision's Spectera vision insurance across the United States, according to the Optum Health Allies website. Individuals locate such doctors through the provider search portal ... More »

To find providers in the Spectera network, go to the company website, enter your ZIP code or address in the provider quick search tool on the lower left of the page, and click Search. View your search results on the next... More »

Spectera vision insurance offers a variety of plans that are cost-saving, broad and diverse, and it also offers freedom of choice regarding eyewear. Spectera vision plans provide customers with eye exams, a complete set ... More »

Users can book appointments with eye doctors on the Spectera provider list at ZocDoc.com. Users can search for a doctor by specialty, location and insurance provider. Additional search parameters include doctor gender, l... More »

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A list of UHC Vision providers is available through the Provider Quick Search function on MyUHCVision.com. The search function returns lists of local UHC Vision providers based on ZIP code or address and city. More »

Spectera Vision offers cost savings plans for individuals and families, according to Spectera. The coverage includes a frame allowance that members use to select any frame from a network provider. The allowance is subtra... More »

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