As of 2014, there are more than 260 different species of monkeys in the world. Monkeys are often divided into old world monkeys and new world monkeys, depending on where they live in the world. Monkeys should be distingu... More »

All monkeys are members of the suborder Haplorrhini, which also includes apes and humans. Monkeys are also members of the kingdom Animalia, the phylum Chordata and the order Primates. The family, genus and species depend... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Monkeys

Monkeys are classified as primates; they live in trees and on the ground and reside primarily in warm, tropical regions and rainforests. All monkeys fall into one of two main groups: Old World monkeys and New World monke... More » Science

The pygmy marmoset is the smallest species of monkey in the world. Fully grown, they only weigh 4 to 5 ounces and are 6 inches long. The only primates smaller than pygmy marmosets are pygmy mouse lemurs and pygmy tarsier... More »

There are more than 260 known species in the world, split into two groups: new world and old world monkeys. Some examples of new world monkeys are spider monkeys, tamarins, howler monkeys and marmosets, while the old wor... More »

There is no estimate on the number of monkeys in the world, but there are 260 known species of monkeys, which are divided into two categories: Old World and New World. Old World monkeys reside in Africa and Asia, and New... More »

According to Palomar College, monkeys evolved from an extinct species known as prosimians during the transition to the Oligocene Epoch, approximately 33.9 million years ago. Monkeys quickly overcame the prosimians, proba... More »