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A Certificate of Completion is not an academic credential and there are no state course or grade requirements necessary to earn a certificate of completion. A student successfully working toward his/her IEP goals is generally eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion. The decision of whether a student is working toward a diploma or a ...


IEP or special education diploma: This kind of diploma is available for a student with an IEP (though many students with IEPs earn regular diplomas). It has the same impact on a student’s future as a high school certificate. Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Achievement: Different names for a certificate.


Please note that this is a certificate of completion and is not a certification/licensure to teach special education. However, credits earned as part of this certificate may be applied to the MS in Special Education leading to cross-endorsement (CT #165) upon acceptance into the program.


The special education certificate of completion is a 12-credit program. The curriculum covers the exceptional child, learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorders. In addition to these courses, you'll have the opportunity to complete your own independent research project to round out the curriculum. View Curriculum


A certificate of completion does not end entitlement to special education services. Only a regular high school diploma or reaching the age of 26 years old can end special education entitlement. The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) does not recognize a “certificate of completion”.


(e), or a certificate of completion. The term “certificate of completion” is not further defined, but is interpreted to be a document awarded to a special education student who has been taken off of the diploma path but completes the public school education-al program prescribed in the student’s IEP.


Certificate of Completion. A Certificate of Completion is an option for all special education students. Students who are working toward a Certificate of Completion participate in graduation ceremonies with their general education peers. No distinction is made between a diploma and certificate at the ceremonies.


Special Education and Gifted Forms; ... Certificate of Completion. October 3, 2017. The five Reading Certificates of Attendance and/or four Mathematics Certificates of Attendance and a printable Certificate of Completion can be shared with a supervisor to obtain a validation signature.


Curriculum. The special education certificate of completion program consists of four special education courses, including one independent research course that allows students to explore their professional areas of interest.


As of July 1, the Learning Connection Communities for the Office of Special Education will no longer be available. The Office of Special Education will be using a new Online Community through Moodle. To access the new community, you will need an access code which has been posted on the current Learning Connection Communities.