If an engine stalls upon acceleration, one likely cause is a dirty fuel filter. Not replacing the filter according to the manufacturer's recommendation allows debris from fuel to build up and plug it. This causes the car... More »

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A loose or slipping engine belt or a misaligned accessory drive pulley could cause a car to squeal upon acceleration. Engine belts and drive pulleys are used to power the water pump, air-conditioning compressor and the a... More »

Signs that a fuel pump is failing include a sudden sharp decrease in overall gas mileage, high car temperature and frequent related engine stalls, slower acceleration or frequent drops in speed when accelerating or going... More »

Failure to start, frequent stalls and decreased power output are all common signs of a dirty fuel filter. Yamaha engines typically require fuel filter replacement at set intervals; owner's manuals provide information spe... More »

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If a car shakes when it is idling, the cause is usually something happening with the engine, such as needing new spark plugs. The spark plugs provide an electrical arc that ignites the gasoline vapor in the vehicle to pu... More »

The purpose of a car's air filter is to prevent dirt and other particles from entering the fuel system or engine. Air filters also prevent particles from entering the air conditioner system. More »

The fuel filter is generally located underneath the chassis of the car or mounted on the firewall of the engine compartment. The exact location of the fuel filter will vary according to each vehicle, but a factory servic... More »