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Checking one or all of your spark plugs will give you a quick read of your engine’s health with little effort. By examining the spark plug’s insulator color, even a less-than-mechanically-inclined person can determine valuable information about the engine’s overall operating condition.


It may originate from glowing combustion chamber deposits, hot spots in the combustion chamber due to poor control of engine heat, cross-firing (electrical induction between spark plug wires), or the plug heat range is too high for the engine or its operating conditions.


Some Spark Plug Samples (Used) and how to tell just how well your Car or Trucks Engine is Performing.


Dirt or moisture on the outside of the spark plug that provides a conductive path to ground, or an internal crack in the spark plug’s ceramic insulator that shorts the plug to ground also can be the culprit. If your spark plugs’ electrodes are smashed flat or broken, they likely are the wrong spark plugs for your engine.


Look at the spark plug porcelin for the color and condition of it. Plug colors tell the mechanic how the engine is running and can be very important. Plugs change colors and the different colors can explain such things as if the engine is running too hot or if the engine is worn. The color should be read by looking at the porcelin insulator and compared to the plugs shown on the next few slides.


Have you ever wondered how to "read" a spark plug? This video describes in detail the best process to examine a spark plug and assess its condition.


Your car will show many warning signs when there’s a problem with the spark plug. A light tan or gray is the normal spark plug color, but it’s a red flag when you spot a different hue.. It does the job of igniting the air and fuel mixture in the cylinders by providing sparks.


Reading spark plugs to listen to what your engine has to say to you - Mopar Muscle Magazine ... They have a great bearing on your car’s performance, and can reveal many symptoms of an engine’s ...


How to read the color of your spark plugs. This page shows some typical spark plugs and problems. Spark Plug Color Chart - Reading Your Plugs This page is nothing new. Just needed some text that was readable. The pictures and text are from the Autolite technical manual and just made a bit easier to read in the grand scheme of EZ-Read charts here.


Check out the images below, courtesy of NGK Spark Plugs, and get ready to do a little light reading the next time you pull your spark plugs. Normal. Appearance: A light tan/gray or brownish color, along with very little electrode erosion, indicates optimal operation conditions, including a healthy engine and correct spark plug heat range. Deposits