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Spaniard is a noun. It is the demonym for individuals from the country of Spain e.g. “That Spaniard is my husband - he is from Spain.” or “There are a few Spaniards on the train at the moment.” Spanish is both a noun and an adjective, depending on...


Hi, Spanish is my native languague and I'm learning english. I'd like to ask what's the difference in saying: Spanish people, or the Spanish, and saying Spaniards. My impression is that "Spaniard", though still in dictionaries, has become rather quaint these days - rather like Chinaman or Frenchman.


He is Spanish sounds normal to me, while He is a Spaniard I find unusual. It may be that words which differ from the adjective (e.g. Swedes instead of Swedish people) are more easily identified and can then take on a derogatory connotation (as in the Japs, the Frogs), although they are perfectly acceptable.


(incorrect) When "Spanish" is used as an adjective, it can refer to anything from Spain. I like Spanish architecture. Spanish food is my favorite. I can speak the Spanish language. (I can speak Spanish.) If you want to refer to a person from Spain, you can also use the word "Spaniard". My friend is a Spaniard. My friend is a person from Spain.


Spaniards, or the Spanish people, are an ethnic group native to Spain. Within Spain, there are a number of nationalisms and regionalisms, reflecting the country's complex history and diverse culture.Although the official language of Spain is commonly known as "Spanish", it is only one of the national languages of Spain, and is less ambiguously known as Castilian, a standard language ...


Speak Like a True Spaniard: 14 Spanish Slang Phrases You’d Be Crazy Not to Know Spanish in Latin America and Spanish in Spain are about as different as apples and oranges . Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, we’ll say more like lemons and limes.


Hispanic vs Latino vs Spanish vs Latin American: What’s the Difference? ... Latin American vs Latino, and Spaniard vs Spanish. I’m not sure how often these words are confused outside of the United States, but I am constantly disturbed by the rampant misuse of these terms here. The most disturbing/annoying is that in some places in the ...


It seems that History and Geography are unknown subjects in many educational systems. The confusion among Spaniards. Spanish and Hispanic, Hispanic is continuous. According to the Oxford Dictionary, which anyone can consult before asking in Quora:...


What is the difference between Mexican and Spanish? • Hispanic is a term used for people living in the US speaking Spanish language. In this respect, both Spanish as well as Mexicans are Hispanics. • Mexicans are people living in North America whereas Spaniards are people living in Europe