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Many websites offer vocabulary word lists, including vocabulary.com, iteslj.org and bigiqkids.com. Some websites, such as vocabulary.com, offer word lists for a variety of purposes, such as test prep, tributes to famous people, and words found in historical documents. Other sites provide vocabulary


Vocabulary means a range of words or phrases of a particular language, technical field or system of communication. It also refers to all the words known or used by a person or group. The noun comes from the Latin word "vocabulum," meaning "a collection of words."


Some of the best ways to learn new vocabulary are techniques such as making flashcards of unfamiliar words, visiting “word of the day” websites, or playing word games. Using such creative methods frequently makes them most effective as learning tools.


Definitions of vocabulary words are available from online dictionaries such as Dictionary.com, Merriam-Webster.com and TheFreeDictionary.com. Additionally, Vocabulary.com is a website dedicated to defining words and improving people's vocabulary.


Some free ways to build a better vocabulary are noticing the words that are unfamiliar, reading interesting materials, looking up the meaning of the words in a dictionary and reviewing the words. People should work on the vocabulary regularly, for a short period of time every day or every other day.


To teach vocabulary, one should use strategies supported by educational and memory research, such as modeling its usage and helping learners make cognitive connections between new information and prior knowledge. One should also provide opportunities for repetition so learners encounter and use the


Central processing unit, graphics processing unit and format are three computer vocabulary terms. Whereas the first two refer to hardware components, format refers to a software process that affects devices that store data.


Answers to a vocabulary test can be found in a dictionary or online dictionary site, such as Merriam-Webster. Vocabulary tests are created to test the student's knowledge of word meanings.


To improve your spelling and vocabulary, start reading literature materials, writing and practicing how to pronounce words in that particular language. Since the spelling and vocabulary of words derive from different origins, discover their roots and variations to learn when and how to use them.


Study for a vocabulary test by writing the vocabulary words on one side of a paper and the definitions on the other side of the paper. Afterward, cover the definitions and try to recite the definition from memory. Check the definition and repeat until all of the words are memorized.