British and Spanish colonization of America differed in terms of their approach and backing, as well as in their religious and social standing. Spanish explorers were authorized by their monarchy to conquer new territory... More »

The colonists settled North America for different reasons that included primarily profit and religious freedom. Roanoke was the English's first attempt at colonization in the new world of America. More »

The Spanish came to America to spread the Christian faith and to expand trade. The Spanish colonization of America was started by the Spanish conquistadors. More »

According to the National Humanities Center, the first Spanish settlement in North America was La Isabela (Isabella), named for the Spanish queen. It was located on the northern coast of Hispaniola, now known as the Domi... More »

Lasting effects of Spanish conquest in Latin America included the decimation of native populations and suppression of their languages, histories and cultures. Those who survived were strongly influenced by Spanish langua... More »

Amelia Earhart changed history by contributing to the women's rights movement in America, helping advance the social standing of women through her teaching and writing and her feats as a pilot. She is most well known for... More » History Modern History Exploration & Imperialism

The Columbian Exchange took place as a result of the European colonization of the Americas. The transfer of culture and biology between the Old and New World that characterizes the exchange began when Christopher Columbu... More »