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As of 2016, Discovery Education offers two digital series of science material, one being for elementary and middle school and the other for high school biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and space science. Discovery Education Streaming Plus offers supplementary resources to accompany the dig


Discovery Education is a provider of educational solutions and resources for students, teachers and other education professionals. The organization specializes in digital media resources and customized solutions for education.


In 2011, astronomers discovered HD85512b, a planet approximately 36 light years away that appears to exhibit many Earth-like qualities. Later that year, a NASA probe orbiting the Vesta asteroid led to the discovery of a 13-mile high mountain responsible for scattered asteroid debris around the world


Discovery learning is an inquiry-based method of learning allowing students to actively explore and problem-solve. Students use background knowledge and prior experiences to explore a new concept through hands-on learning activities.


Discovery Education is an organization that works by partnering with school districts and helping them transition towards using digital resources such as instructional videos, audio and image files, and games. Once it establishes the partnership, Discovery Education provides digital textbooks, asses


To access his My Discovery information, a participant must log into the portal by entering his student email and password, according to Musiker Discovery Programs. The portal streamlines communication between the program and the student and allows the printing of any forms he must complete for enrol


Discovery Education focuses on digital, interactive solutions to education, and among the resources it provides to further this end include a digital Discovery Education Textbook series, assessment services, engagement programs and Digital Education Streaming Plus. Resources for educators include th


Discovery Education offers resources for parents, teachers and students on its website DiscoverEducation.com. Parent and student resources include homework help and WebMath, while parents have additional resources such as puzzle makers and clip art. Teachers' resources include lessons plans and work


New discoveries in chemistry include a special coating for roof tiles that reduces air pollution, the ability to provide information regarding the dangers of sewer gases and improvements in food storage options. New discoveries continue to improve human life and protect the environment.


"Build Your Own Coaster," Volcano Explorer" and "Create a Cake with Buddy" are three Discovery Kids games. All are available to play free at DiscoveryKids.com as of 2015.