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Sound is unable to travel through truly empty space. The phenomenon known as sound is the perception of alternating waves of compression passing through a medium. Unlike light, which is able to propagate without a medium, sound waves must have a medium, such as air, water or rock, to carry them.


There is a small amount of gravity in space. This tiny amount of gravity is what scientists call microgravity.


Line spacing refers to the amount of space between individual lines contained within a paragraph. The amount of space above and below a paragraph is called paragraph spacing.


What's next in space? This is how humanity will leave Earths' orbit, whether by ship or robot. We can't know everything yet, but we have some tantalizing clues about space's effect on the human body. It looks a bit different from the pale blue dot. This is the best example of slow TV we've ever seen


If you’re looking to fall in love with your little space anew, learn why we think small spaces are the best spaces. Coco Lapine Design Given the high price of housing, particularly for big city-dwellers, many of us are working with smaller spaces than we'd like. That’s why we share so much about how


The original Capt. James T. Kirk would like a word with Space Force officials about the new service branch's rank structure. China, Russia and Iran have watched how U.S. forces use space-based technologies on the battlefield. Lt. Gen. Thompson reiterated that the Space Force will open up its applica


Sci-fi buffs will enjoy this animated cursor set that includes a rocket, a UFO, and more. By Kim Saccio-Kent PCWorld | Today's Best Tech Deals Picked by PCWorld's Editors Top Deals On Great Products Picked by Techconnect's Editors Thankfully, the text cursor is a simple I-beam. Be sure to read the R


In case it went under your radar, Leopard's Spaces feature has improved in the 10.5.3 release by making the workspace switch more intuitive. The upshot: You can now create and switch between workspaces based on tasks rather than apps. In case it went under your radar, Leopard's Spaces feature ha


We're really digging these rad astronaut prints by artist Dave Murray that The Fox is Black blogged about recently. Despite the fact the figures are faceless, the dynamic poses and irreverent props (yes, that... To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. By Jacqueline Jesko


Find the best of Amazing Space from DIY Eric is in historic Milford, Connecticut, one of the oldest communities in America. With growing family needs, homeowners Andrew and Rachael need extra space for a home office for Rachael, an area to home school their young child and space for guests to sleep