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The 8 Best Space Exploration Games. With the launch of No Man's Sky fast approaching, Game Rant takes a look at some of the best space exploration titles from the history of video gaming.


Free to play realistic space exploration browser game. Free MMO Space Strategy Browser Game. Multiplayer real-time strategy, persistent universe, planetary colonization, ships / fleet building and customization, orbital station deployment, alien civilization and epic space battles!


A little indie game called Kerbal Space Program. You can get it right now off Steam and GOG, and the word on the grapevine is that there’s a console version in the ...


Classified in the "Grand Strategy" genre of games, Stellaris is all about leading your own civilization of space-dwellers into the future as successfully as possible. There are whole galaxies to explore, learn about, and figure out how to thrive in. RELATED: 10 Best Historically Accurate Video Games A near-infinite variety of species and traits means that every playthrough is going to be...


To add two more game to look forward to: Interstellaria: Looks like Starbound + FTL essentially, with some some very old school graphics.There's a planet exploration mechanic. Not sure if you can build colonies though. Spacewrights: Basically FTL with planet exploration.Might be a little more space combat focused than what you're looking for but it does say you can send crews down to explo...


There is a huge number of free space exploration games being released in both browser format and as stand-alone packages. In this final part of our series, we will detail the independently released titles that have made a splash on both PC and even the Xbox LIVE Indie games service. Space exploration games are often great ways to spend time, with vast stretches of unexplored space creating an ...


Space is waiting to be explored. There are many more games that offer great, exciting space exploration. This is just some of them. I hope you found one that satisfies your need for galactic exploration. Thanks for reading. Related articles: 11 Best Space Games to Play in 2016. 15 Awesome Space War Games That You Need To Check Out


We collected 213 of the best free online space games. These games include browser games for both your computer and mobile devices, as well as apps for your Android and iOS phones and tablets. They include new space games such as Nullstar.io and top space games such as StarBlast.io, War in Space, and The Final Earth 2.


Welcome to the best free MMO game on the internet! One hundred years in the future, scientific breakthroughs have brought on a golden age of space exploration. Amidst this booming new frontier, there is colonization, piracy, and adventure. Empires are forged and destroyed across epic space battles in the never-ending quest for glory.


If you like your space games a little more grounded, try Arma developer Bohemia’s Take On Mars. It’s a space exploration and colonisation simulator largely based on real astro-science.