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Exercise science explores how diet, exercise and overall health contribute to physical fitness. It is an integral part of sports medicine and biomechanics, and is offered as a degree path in a number of universities.


Jobs in the computer science field require computer savvy skills, such as coding and programming. To say that computer science is difficult is simply not true. With time and dedication, skills in the field can be learned and developed, although it may help to have prior computer knowledge.


Alan B. Shepherd became the first American in space on May 5, 1961. He made a sub-orbital flight lasting 15 minutes aboard the Freedom 7 and reached an altitude of 116 miles in space.


The goal of science as a collective is to produce explanations for the natural world, including how it works, its makeup, and how it came to exist in its current state, according to the University of Berkeley. These goals span a variety of scientific disciplines from astronomy to zoology.


Many historians credit ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle with inventing science. The history of science includes a number of other notable people who advanced it, most notably by introducing and refining the scientific method.


Science and technology are two distinct disciplines, but they form a tight relationship where each builds off the advances of the other. It is well known among professionals of both fields that one could not thrive without the other.


Overall, in scientific contexts the word "medium" refers to a substance or material in which something exists or grows or through which something can move or otherwise travel. The word "medium" and its plural, "media," can have multiple applications in various areas of science, from the soils and ot


Sound is unable to travel through truly empty space. The phenomenon known as sound is the perception of alternating waves of compression passing through a medium. Unlike light, which is able to propagate without a medium, sound waves must have a medium, such as air, water or rock, to carry them.


There is no air in space because there is no gravity to condense the molecules of gases found there into air. On Earth, gravity holds nitrogen, oxygen and the other gases that compose the atmosphere together, but only to about 60 miles above the surface.


Psychology as a discipline is a science because it involves empirically testing concepts and observations, according to Simply Psychology and California State University, Fresno. Psychology employs the scientific method to determine the accuracy and reliability of key theories and practices.