Some common trees in Southern California include the white fir, Jeffrey pine, knobcone pine, lodgepole pine and the bristlecone pine. Broadleaf trees include the western sycamore, bigleaf maple, California black walnut, ... More » Science Biology Botany

The Washington filifera, or California fan palm, is native to Southern California. However, it only grows naturally in desert oases fed by springs from the Colorado River. Other palm tree types have been imported for aes... More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

Cedar trees grow well in areas with good full sunshine and in well drained-soils that include acidic and alkaline, sandy, and clay. In the U.S., the Eastern cedar tree, known as the "Juniperus Virginiana," grows mostly i... More »

Some of the most common trees in the United States are the red maple, the sweetgum, the balsam fir and the quaking aspen. Some others are the sugar maple and the lodgepole pine. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Trees & Bushes

Identify common trees in California by looking at tree identification guides available online at the Urban Tree Key, California Forest Foundation, Arbor Day and Tree Leaf Key on websites. Either peruse the diff... More » Science Biology Botany

Pine trees come primarily from the Northern Hemisphere. The trees do best in temperate to moderate climates. Different species grow in many areas in North America. More »

Although older pine trees are not easy to transplant, transplanting a small, young wild pine tree can be successful with proper care. Wild pines can work as backyard trees as long as you have a large yard. More »