South Korea is known for their education system, which includes very long days of up to (or over) 12 hours. Because of intense competition and cultural factors, high school students are encouraged to do schooling beyond ... More »

South Korea is in the Korea Standard Time zone; North Korea is also in this time zone. There is a difference of nine hours between KST and Universal Time Coordinated, which is the same as Greenwich Mean Time. KST is ahea... More » Geography Asia

Pyongyang is the capital city of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, commonly known as North Korea. More than 3.2 million people live in the city, according to a 2008 government census. More »

A U.S. Department of Defense report estimates the size of the North Korean Navy at 60,000 personnel, a significant reduction from the 148,000 member force reported in 1999. The Korean People’s Navy also consists of appro... More »

The physical features of South Korea include mountains, forests, islands, rivers and coastal lowlands. The region is dominated by the Taebaek Mountains, and the coastal lowlands comprise 30 percent of the country's area.... More »

Some facts about the capital of Korea or Seoul, South Korea are that it's the largest city in South Korea and that it is considered a mega city because it has a population over 10 million. The population was 10,208,302 a... More »

The primary reason that south and east Asia are combined into a single region is the shared history of the nations that comprise it. As of 2014, 11 countries make up the region of Southeast Asia. More »