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China, the world's fourth-largest country in terms of land area, features a wide range of climates, but the climate in southern China is relatively uniform, owing to the lack of any major ...


China's climate varies from bitter cold in winter to unbearable heat in summer. The Yangtze River serves as China's official dividing line between north and south. Given the size and varied landscape of the country, there is no one time in the year when weather is ideal in every part of China.


Actually, the climate in China varies greatly from south to north, especially in winter when dry and cold winds, blowing from Siberia and the Mongolian Plateau, lead to a huge temperature gap between south (above 0℃) and north (far below 0℃) China.


The South China Sea and the East China Sea together form the China Sea. The southern boundary of the South China Sea is a rise in the seabed between Sumatra and Borneo, and the northern boundary stretches from the northernmost point of Taiwan to the coast of Fujian province, China, in the Taiwan Strait. It embraces an area of about 1,423,000 ...


China originally had an estimated number of 50,000 rivers. However, due to statistical discrepancies, water and soil loss, and climate change, there are currently only an estimated 22,000 rivers remaining. The rivers in China have a total length of 420,000 kilometers. 1,500 have a catchment area exceeding 1,000 square kilometers.


Autumn is the best time to visit Southern China because of the mild climate and break in humidity. Winter can also be beautiful in the far south as it will not be frigid for long and you can enjoy outdoor activities.


In China, a vast land spanning many degrees of latitude with complicated terrain, climate varies radically. China has a variety of temperature and rainfall zones, including continental monsoon areas. In winter most areas become cold and dry, in summer hot and rainy.


For a large part of Chinese history, northern China was economically more advanced than southern China [citation needed]. The Jurchen and Mongol invasion caused a massive migration to southern China, and the Emperor shifted the Song dynasty capital city from Kaifeng in northern China to Hangzhou, located south of the


the fp is weather-climate-geography China Weather, climate and geography Weather and climate Best time to visit. China’s extreme size means it has a great diversity of climates, but being located entirely in the northern hemisphere means its seasonal timings are broadly comparable to those in Europe and the US.


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