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Examples of popular headliner materials include suede, foam-backed cloth, cotton-napped cloth and synthetic cloth. Certain headliner materials come with foam-backing so that they can be glued to a vehicle's existing board, while others need to be sewn directly on or att...


An auto headliner is the cloth material that makes up the ceiling inside the cabin of a vehicle. Headliners are pre-cut to fit around the vehicle's light fixtures, sun visors and other accessories.


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To replace the headliner in a car, remove the old headliner, peel off the fabric, sand off any remnants, position the new fabric and apply the new fabric using spray adhesive glue. Re-install the new headliner.


Headliner Express and Ridinfresh repairs headliners for all makes and models. However, Headliner Express only offers repair services for consumers that are located closely to its store front in Winter Park, Florida. RidinFresh offers its services to residents of Atlanta...


In order to repair the headliner in a car, the old one must be removed so a new piece can be installed. The headliner is held in place with several clips, as well as all the lighting accessories, sun visors and handles. All of these pieces need to be removed in order to...


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