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A good chicken soup recipe uses fresh roasted chicken, fresh vegetables, herbs and seasonings and can be prepped in about 5 minutes. The Food Network website offers a simple chicken soup recipe that is considered easy enough for even beginner cooks to prepare.


An easy recipe for chicken soup on MyRecipes.com involves simmering tomatoes, chicken broth, chicken, escarole and olive oil in a saucepan for a quick meal. Easy chicken soup recipes are also available on other food websites such as EatingWell and RealSimple.com.


Taste of Home and Martha Stewart offer simple, tasty chicken soup recipes. Martha Stewart's chicken soup is made from fresh ingredients, whereas Taste of Home's recipe uses frozen and canned ingredients.


Chicken and vegetable soup is made by combining chicken, various vegetables and a savory broth. The vegetables used can be of almost any type, based on the preference of the cook. The best flavor is normally created by using both light and dark meat from a chicken.


Healthy recipes for chicken soup can be found on FamilyFreshMeals.com and WholeFoodsMarket.com. Family Fresh Meals' soup contains egg noodles and is made in a slow cooker, whereas Whole Food's soup calls for brown rice and is made on the stovetop.


Chicken soup recipes are easy and only take a couple of hours to prepare. They require ingredients such as chicken, carrots, chicken stock and egg noodles, and when complete make the perfect comfort food. People with a cold or the flu also frequently eat this simple, ho...


Betty Crocker offers an easy recipe for chicken noodle soup that includes chicken, garlic, egg noodles, carrots and green onions. The recipe involves simmering the vegetables and then boiling them in chicken broth with the other ingredients.