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It is illegal to feed pigeons in St. Mark's Square, Venice, according to The Telegraph, which is an unusual law. It is also illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn in Germany. Also, in Spain, it is illegal to drive with flip-flops.


One unusual fact about former presidents John Adams and Thomas Jefferson is that both died on Independence Day in 1826, 50 years after the singing of the Declaration of Independence. They died within five hours of each other.


Unusual city names include Intercourse in Pennsylvania, Slaughterville in Oklahoma and Hell in Michigan. Sandwich, Looneyville, and Happyland are also unusual city names in the United States.


A few unique names for both boys and girls are Everleigh, India, Hunter, Lennon and Henley. Some unusual baby names that are short and easy to pronounce are Arlo, Kase, Jax, Remi and Bay. Unusual bohemian names include Wynter, Saige, Rain, Cedar and Echo.


Unusual and unique house plans are available from HousePlans.com, TheHousePlanShop.com and ArchitecturalHousePlans.com. These plans include houses with shapes of lighthouses and lookout towers, as well as houses that rest above bodies of water on stilts. All three websites also include floor plans w


Some unusual state laws include Indiana's law that liquor stores may not sell cold sodas but may sell non-chilled ones, that selling margarine as butter is against the law in Iowa, and selling liquor by the glass is illegal in 26 counties in Kansas, according to Business Insider. Kentucky law requir


Cheddarbob, Dusty Mop, Godzilla and Bora Bora are some unusual cat names. Uncommon female names include Daisy Doodle, Gertrude, Tigress Tasha, Cleopatra and Zelda Nacho. Uncommon names for male cats include Toby Turbo, Johnnie On The Spot and Leonardo Dicatprio. Naming cats after alcoholic drinks, s


Some unusual words that start with the letter "M" are "martlet," "minauderie," "mudlark," "mainpernor" and "malacophilous." Other unusual m-words include "mammock," "mandylion," "mythopoeic" and "mussitation."


“Nutmeg Spice,” “Sixpack,” “Cotton Ball” and “Big Foot” are some uncommon pet names for both cats and dogs. Names such as “Cowboy,” “Hissy Fit” or “Zelda” are general enough to be used for other pets such as hamsters, birds or goldfish. “Sophistikitty” is a cute name for cats, while “Parker the Bark


Some unusual craft ideas include a pop tabs bag, a spoon lamp, maple leaf roses and lettuce stamped stationary. To make easy rose stationary or a rose stamp for scrapbooking, cut off the end of a Treviso radicchio, a type of head lettuce. Take the cut-off end, press it onto an ink pad and stamp it o