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Some unique framing ideas include using rustic reclaimed wood, making an external mat and creating floating photo frames. You can also add a frame overlay to a plain frame, decorate it with washi tape or ribbon, wind it with colored yarn or cover it in an old belt. To do the latter, cut a belt into


Ideas for unique business cards include using different types of materials such as plastic or metal, altering the design to mirror an aspect of the company, or making each card unique through the addition of separate materials. Another concept is to construct the card to resemble the purpose of the


Unique proposal ideas include a scavenger hunt and a return to the place where the couple first met. These ideas incorporate fun and adventure into the proposal without being overplayed, as in a stadium proposal.


Some unique window covering ideas include roll up shades made out of coffee or potato sacks and curtains fitted with chain links that are attached to a row of nails hammered into the window lintel. Homeowners can also use valances made of old bamboo place mats to cover their windows.


Some unique fundraising ideas for teens could be a charity yard work project or a bake sale. During the fall season, many homes will need to have their homes raked of dead leaves. Teens can charge low rates, such as $10 for driveways and $20 for yards, canvassing the neighborhood.


One unique kitchen design idea is to forgo traditional cabinets and use open shelving instead. Open shelves allow everything to remain in easy reach while still providing ample storage space. Lighting is another way to add a unique touch to the kitchen. A Sputnik light can be used to add a festive a


One of the most unique things about an organic molecule is that it is considered the molecule of life because it is formed by chains of carbon and hydrogen atoms. Carbon has the ability to bond with other atoms as well as other carbon atoms, which creates a nearly endless number of molecules.


What makes metal house planning unique is that a building can be designed cheaply, and the flexibility of such cheap raw materials allows buyers to customize the plans to their own needs. Using steel to frame a house equals approximately 11 recycled cars, showing this material as being environmental


Examples of ideas for small tattoo designs include dream catchers, lotus flowers, hummingbirds and seahorses. Snowflakes, mandalas, elephants and water color tattoos are additional ideas.


Companies that offer unique and inexpensive gift ideas are Uncommon Goods, ThinkGeek and Off the Wagon. These gifts range from movie-themed presents to mushroom growing kits.