Sal solves the equation 2x^2+3=75 by isolating x^2 and taking the square root of both sides.

Learn how to solve quadratic equations like x^2=36 or (x-2)^2=49.

Sal solves challenging quadratic equations like (4x+1)²-8=0 by taking the square root of both sides.

How to Solve Quadratic Equations using Square Root Method. This is the ... Example 1: Solve the quadratic equation below using the Square Root Method.

Sal solves the equation (x+3)²-4=0 and finds the x-intercepts of f(x)=(x-2)²-9.

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Jul 15, 2010 ... This video explains how use square roots to solve quadratic equations in the form ax^2+c=0.

Demonstrates how to solve quadratics by the process of taking the square root of both sides. Explains the reasoning, and provides worked examples.