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Ready Ratios states that variable costs are calculated by dividing marginal costs over units produced. Variable costs are expenses that vary according to production output, so they rise and fall with a company's level of production.


Variable interest rates are actually two rates added together. The first is a fixed rate called "margin" that is based on the credit worthiness of the borrower. The second rate varies and is tied to the movement of a specified index as stipulated in the loan contract.


To solve equations with variables on both sides, move the constants to the right side of the equation, simplify, move the variables to the left side and simplify. If the variable is negative, multiply both sides by -1 to make it positive.


To solve an equation with a calculator that is programmed with the order of operations, enter the exact equation and press the solve or equal button. If the calculator does not have the order of operations, enter the equation pieces based on the proper order of operations to solve.


In math, chemistry and physics, solving for indicated variables in different formulas involves having to manipulate the formula equation until it is in the desired form. An example of this is the area formula for a triangle given as A = 1/2 (b x h), where a student needs to solve this formula in ter


A variable cost is money that a company spends in direct proportion with its production output. As production goes up, so do the variable costs. If production drops, the variable costs drop as well. These differ from such fixed costs as advertising, rent, office supplies and insurance, which general


In math, a dependent variable is one in an expression, equation or function that depends upon one or more other variables' values to determine its value. The dependent variable is usually isolated on one side of an equation. For example, "x" is the dependent variable in the equation x=y+1.


A controlled variable is the element or feature that cannot be changed during the course of an experiment. The controlled variable is kept constant so the changes in other variables can be observed more easily. According to About.com, it is also sometimes referred to as the "constant" variable


Calculus problems come in many shapes and sizes, not all of which can be solved online (or at all). If your problem is purely computational, the Wolfram Alpha website is often helpful in computing things like integrals or derivatives, or solving certain differential equations.


In statistics, a continuous variable refers to a variable that can contain all the possible values within its minimum and maximum ranges. All variables that are not considered continuous are called discrete variables.