The two major benefits of purchasing and installing a home solar power system are economical and environmental. The latter benefit is due to solar power being a zero-carbon emission form of electrical generation. Economi... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

The cost of a complete home solar system can vary depending on the size of the project, but can range between $10,000 and $20,000. The cost savings can be enough to easily offset the cost of the installation. More »

Solar energy uses the sun as a source of heat, light or power. Power production comes from such active solar energy as photovoltaic cells, while natural light and heat require only proper orientation of a structure to re... More » Science Environmental Science Conservation

For home use, solar is usually easier to adopt than wind power since photovoltaic panels have no moving parts and require no special construction to install. Wind turbines must be mounted high enough to avoid interruptio... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Sunrun is a company that provides low-cost residential solar power by leasing solar equipment to customers. As of 2014, Sunrun offers solar services in Arizona, California, Nevada, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachu... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

The chief limitations of solar energy include an inability to generate power at night, an inability to ramp up power production to meet demand, and the cost of solar panels. Transferring the electricity from areas where ... More »

According to the Solar Energy Industry Association, solar power can involve generating current directly from the action of ultraviolet radiation on treated silicon using the sun's heat to boil water and drive an electric... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability