Soil erosion solutions include increasing ground cover, mulching, preventing tillage and building structures. The type of solution depends on the area in which the erosion occurs. More »

The most effective soil erosion reduction methods include the use of diversions and terraces, mulch, and surface cover; however, the most sustainable method of preventing soil erosion is by using the land responsibly acc... More »

Wind, water, ice and waves carry off soil particles and cause soil erosion. Although this is a natural process, human activities that disturb the surface of the earth increase the rate of soil erosion. Activities such as... More » Science Earth Science Soil

There are several ways to prevent erosion, including grassing waterways, conserving tillage, covering crops, managing pastures and fortifying stream and riverbanks. Some erosion control methods, such as fortifying embank... More »

Water, wind and tillage are the three greatest factors in erosion. Erosion occurs through soil detachment, movement and deposition, and pollutes nearby waterways, often creating an unstable base that can lead to a perman... More »

Acid rain causes erosion by chemically reacting with certain minerals in rock, causing it to dissolve in the water and otherwise escape the structures in which it is bonded. This is a particularly a problem with limeston... More »

Plantings, wood-fiber mats, mulch and retaining walls are all methods of soil erosion prevention. Erosion control is vital for maintaining topsoil that provides plants with important nutrients. More »