C. Wright Mills? book ?The Sociological Imagination,? which is a prime example of sociological autobiography, seeks to explain personal experience in terms of larger social forces. For instance, many family stories about... More »

"Gifted Hands" is an autobiography about the life and accomplishments of Ben Carson, a talented pediatric neurosurgeon. Ben Carson grew up in inner city Detroit, Michigan, and overcame both poverty and tragedy in his you... More »

"The Double Helix: A Personal Account of the Discovery of the Structure of DNA" is an autobiography by James D. Watson that details the discovery of the double helix structure of DNA. Atheneum Press published the account... More »

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Genres, such as drama, historical fiction, horror, short story, essay and autobiography, are used to categorize books. These categories help readers and literary analysts understand the purpose of the book and how its co... More »

One example of sociological imagination is for a person to imagine he is living several hundred years earlier, and how that changes his perspective about present-day life. Another example is for a person to imagine he li... More »

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An example of sociological perspective is the manner in which an individual's behavior can be altered by their presence in a crowd attending a football game. An individual's perception of what constitutes acceptable beha... More »

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A good example of a static character is Cinderella's stepmother. A static character is a character in literature or drama who undergoes few changes throughout the duration of the story. More »