The Social Security retirement age chart can be found on the office of Social Security website. The chart shows the retirement age for those born before or in 1937 until 1960 or later. More » Government & Politics US Government

People can begin collecting their Social Security benefits at age 62, though they are not entitled to the same amount as if they waited until normal retirement age, which is determined by their birth year. Widows or wido... More » Government & Politics Social Services

The Social Security disability pay chart is the allowable amount given to eligible individuals on a monthly basis. The pay chart changes each year with the changes in the cost of living in the United States. More » Government & Politics Social Services

At age 62 or older, a spouse of an individual who is already receiving, or is eligible for, retirement or disability benefits may apply online for Social Security retirement and spouse’s benefits, states the Social Secur... More » Government & Politics US Government

In order to apply for Social Security Retirement Benefits at age 62, go to the Social Security website, or call (800) 772-1213. Alternatively, call your local Social Security office for an appointment and apply in person... More »

Applying for a Social Security card requires submitting an application and proof of identity either in person or by mail to the nearest Social Security office. Although the application is located on the Social Security w... More » Government & Politics US Government

How much a person earns from Social Security depends on the year, current age and full retirement age (based on year of birth). As of 2014, you are able to earn up to $15,480 before deductions if you are collecting early... More »