A social media marketing strategy helps a business create awareness of and generate interest in its products or services using social networks. Businesses can develop and use social media marketing strategies for free or... More »

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Social media marketing refers to advertising that is posted or streamed on social media websites or applications. For example, a user sees advertisements or sponsored ads in his personal Facebook feed. More »

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The benefits of social media includes providing news about current events, encouraging professional networking and allowing families members to stay in touch with each other, according to the Houston Chronicle. Social me... More »

Differentiation is a marketing strategy that businesses employ to make their products unique and stand out from competitors. It is the typical strategy for industries for which multiple competitors produce identical or v... More »

The goals of marketing research are to help a business refine its marketing strategy, improve products or services, determine where a product should be placed and uncover consumer habits. The scope of marketing research ... More »

Multinational marketing, also known as international marketing, is when a business directs products and services toward potential consumers in other countries. Seeking new markets helps to offset domestic saturation and ... More »

Demographics play a crucial role in the success of businesses, as learning consumer characteristics helps a business owner determine what products and services to create and how to market them. Future shifts in demograph... More »