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If you snort clonidine will it get you high? Yes it will. I just snorted .2 of clonidine and then took .2 orally. I don't know if this is safe or whether or not its recommended i found these pills ...


but the whole oxy epidemic started when users figured out that if you suck off the coating on the pill, and cushed up the powder, you could shoot, snort, smoke, or take orally the powder and get an instant high dose amount of pure oxycodone, whereas other oxycodone products like percocet contain only 5mgs of oxyocdone and then 325mgs of tylenol, liniting the amount of abuse possible. so opiate ...


If you snort clonidine will it get you high - The Q&A wiki Can you get high on clonidine - The Q&A wiki Yes if u take 3-5 pills you can blackout. clonidine get you high - MedHelp - Health community, health. Common Questions and Answers about Clonidine get you high. Hello all....Just wanted to know if Clonidine was a good way to go.I can get my ...


Can Clonidine Get You High? Clonidine, when taken as prescribed, cannot be used to achieve a high nor is it addictive, according to Project Know. Increasingly, however, there are contradictory reports of this medication being consumed in high dosages or in combination with other drugs to simulate a high or extend the effects of a high.


An Experience with Clonidine. 'Opiate With Druel...' by chill. Have you had an experience with ... for about 4 or 5 months, i decided one day to quit cold turkey (mind you, i was not shooting it, only snorting it, but i was doing anywhere from 6 to 10 bags a day, which is ALOT, enough to easily OD a non-user, or even an unexperienced user with ...


But it also ha … s an effect similar toopiates in the sense that it causes a euphoria similar to opiates. You can get high on Clonidine, Ritalin can get you high if it’s not used for its intended purpose Too many clonidine snort trazodone high dose of gabapentin bph, can u snort, 2007.


I take one at bedtime for anxiety/ insomnia. I've heard that you can snort clonidine while on other drugs and it acts as a nice sedative. However, clonidine lowers blood pressure and I'm not trying to have my blood pressure reduced to something dangerous. Part of my nightly routine is smoking a bowl to get myself relaxed for bed.


No, it is not the same as Xanax or Vicodin. Xanax is a benzodiazepine and Vicodin is a combination pain reliever with an opioid. Clonidine is actually closely related to Tizanidine which is a muscle relaxer.. Both clonidine and tizanidine are centrally acting alpha agonists. Tizanidine doesnt reduce blood pressure to the degree clonidine does ...


ok my friend hes a big drugy he wants to know if he snort clonidine if he will get high now this isnt for me i have done drugs yess but i stop ... If your friend snorts clonidine he won't get high, he'll be lying low when his bloodpressure is non existant and you are calling 911 . Source(s): Donna B. · 1 decade ago . 1. Thumbs up. 0.

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