The character Snoopy is a black and white beagle. Snoopy is one of the characters in the "Peanuts" comic strip created by Charles M. Schultz. He was first introduced as Charlie Brown's dog on October 4, 1950. More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime

Snoopy is a beagle. This cartoon character is a part of the Peanuts newspaper comic strip that first appeared in 1950. More »

Dog Tag Art, Sugar and Stitches, Crafts by Cummins and Erika's Embroidery are some stores that sell items with baby Snoopy images. sells tags for dogs with baby Snoopy pictures. sells baby Snoopy i... More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime

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Snoopy's little bird friend is named Woodstock, according to In the comic strip "Peanuts," the two are best friends and share many imaginative adventures. More »

Snoopy's plane is a Sopwith Camel, which is a single-seated biplane fighter flown by the British during World War One. His enemy during these fantasies, known as the Red Baron, was an actual German pilot named Manfred vo... More »

As of May 2015, neither the official Peanuts website nor the official online Snoopy Store provides free images of Snoopy for download or reprinting. However, the Peanuts website's Snoopy character page offers a selection... More » Art & Literature Comics & Anime