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Your goal is to reach the portal in each level. Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your worm. If you can't reach the portal, try eating the apple to grow your worm. But don't get stuck or fall off the level? If you get stuck, press the retry button or press R to restart the level.


Snake Game keeps you playing just one more time. In the game, you are a snake and you must eat the apples by running into them head first. Each apple you eat makes you one segment bigger. As you grow more and more, it will be harder and harder to avoid 1) eating yourself and 2) bumping into the wall and dying.


Snake at Cool Math Games: Eat the apples in this classic retro game. But don't hit the wall, or eat your own tail! How long can you survive?


Eat Apple game, play free Eat Apple game online if you like games, skill games, snake games for boys. Dede Games > Eat Apple game . X. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience using our services. ... alphabet eater Skill, Fun. beat the rush Funny, Sim, Skill.


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Download Slither Snake 🐍 Apple Eater APK latest version 1.1 for android devices. - Free Simulation Games for Android


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The game has to play two modes to choose, in this version of the already known game snake. Pick apples careful not to hit the walls. Complete all levels. Pick apples careful not to hit the cell block.


Apple Worm - Learning Connections Essential Skills Problem Solving - plan ahead to solve all 30 challenges Cause and Effect - predict each outcome Spatial Reasoning - visualize the pathway. Common Core Connection MP1 - Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.