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A three-way switch is wired with one switch connected directly to the light and a second switch connected to the first switch, allowing for a light to be controlled from two locations. Typically, one switch is connected to power using 14/2 wire, and the second switch is...


Installing a transfer switch refers to the process of ensuring there is continuous power supply to a house, from a generator in case the main power fails. During installation, it is important to follow the laid out procedure. A transfer switch, electrical box, cables an...


In order to wire a home light switch you need wire cutters and wire nuts. Start by turning off the power from the circuit breaker, then remove the switch plate, strip and connect the wires and place the new switch in the box.


To wire a power window switch, disconnect the battery of the car and expose the wire grip located under the switch. Remove the wire grip and reconnect it appropriately to the new switch. Finally, reconnect the battery, test the replacement switch and place it in its pos...


In order to wire a two-way switch, a current tester, wire cutters, strippers, caps, a two-way switch and basic electrical knowledge are required. A two-way switch offers several benefits to the home, such as allowing one switch to control both a ceiling fan's light brig...


Samsung Smart Switch is a mobile app that automatically transfers a variety of personal information to Samsung Galaxy phones from mobile devices made by other manufacturers. The app is only needed on the Samsung Galaxy when connecting by cable to an iPhone or iPad.


To wire a basic light switch, turn off the power to the switch at the breaker, pull the wires to the switch out of the wall, connect the wires to the screws on the sides of the switch, and screw them down with a slotted screwdriver. Finally, test the switch.