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CPUC rules for SmartMeter™ opt-out fees. If you opt out, your monthly fees and meter readings are affected in the following ways. Your monthly charges are discontinued after 36 consecutive months. Your meter readings take place every other month, starting in 2015. NOTE: The decision on opt-out rules was issued by the CPUC in December 2014.


By making this selection, I AGREE that I am a named, authorized person on the customer account number entered above. Further, I am indicating that I want to opt-out of the Smart Meter Program, and am opting for the analog mechanical meter alternative, and am aware of the initial setup and monthly charges, which will be added to my SDG&E bill.


All Opt Out and Meter Reader Fees are Illegal! Extortion - Punitive - Unconstitutional ! ! Click to read Randal Barrett's Smart Meter Op Ed. Click for Laws Broken by The Oregon Public Utilities Commission. Got a Smart Meter installed? Getting Headaches? Ear Ringing? Have You or your Pets been Harmed? Click Here For Symptoms


How to opt out. If you choose to opt out, the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) approved the following qualifications and charges that will be added to your Avista bill: A $5 ongoing monthly fee to cover some of the cost of manually reading a residential non-smart meter


Under CPS Energy’s Smart Meter Opt-Out Program, single family residential customers are provided the option to exchange a smart meter with a meter that requires a field visit. To be considered for enrollment in the Smart Meter Opt-Out Program, please complete the form below.


The Maryland Public Service Commission issued Order No. 84926 on May 24, 2012 following a nearly 12-hour public hearing on whether to allow customers to opt out of the Smart Meter program. The Maryland Public Service ordered that customers can defer installation until it makes its decision on opting out.


While smart meters give customers more control, some customers have the option to opt out in favor of manual meter readings.

www.puc.state.pa.us/General/consumer_ed/pdf/13_Smart Meters.pdf

CAN I OPT OUT OF THE CHARGE IF I DON’T WANT A SMART METER? No. State law does not allow a customer to “opt out” of their EDC’s smart meter program or surcharge. Installation of a smart meter is a condition of service to more accurately reflect rates and usage, and will ensure no disruption to your service.


This is all about the process of opting out of your smart meter in Austin, Texas and nation wide. And cleaning up the Wifi radiation in your home. Dr. Laura Pressley aided us in the process ...


Terms & Conditions * I agree that I am a named, authorized person on the customer account number entered above. Further, I am indicating that I want to opt out of the SmartMeter™ program, am opting for the analog meter alternative, and am aware of the 36 consecutive monthly charges.