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As of 2015, a SMART Money Card is activated in the Philippines by dialing 15177 using a SMART cellphone, according to Smart.com.ph. The smart card can also be activated with a landline phone by calling the number 02-845-7777.


For 2014 and 2015, Tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Harvard Pilgrim Insurance are the top-ranked private health care plans, according to the National Committee for Quality Assurance. The committee assigns a score of 89.7 and higher out of 100 for thes


United Healthcare providers are providers that accept the United Healthcare health insurance, which means that a person who has United Healthcare can see the physicians and providers listed under United Healthcare with full coverage. A list of the physicians and providers available for those with Un


Healthcare Alliance drug discount cards represent a real discount program, according to investigations performed and reported by Pacific Standard magazine and WPXI-TV in Pittsburgh. Healthcare Alliance states that customers could save up to 75 percent on prescription medication costs, with most aver


A healthcare consultant identifies operational challenges faced by health organizations; and, designs, develops and implements solutions. The health organization generally hires a healthcare consultant part-time, but a large organization may hire the consultant full-time.


Some methods to help increase intelligence include seeking out novelty, seeking out challenges and social networking. While intelligence is often thought of as a fixed quality, exposing the brain to new situations and challenges can help improve cognitive function.


The Affordable Health Care Act is a law establishing a set of health care reforms, including offering affordable health insurance to all Americans. It was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. Health insurance reforms will roll out during the course of 4 years.


Jobs in healthcare administration include hospital administrator and administrator of a physician practice, health insurance company or health-related government agency. A healthcare administrator with a clinical background may work as director of nursing in a hospital, as a nursing home administrat


As of 2015, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 are two of the best smart phones in the world, according to TechRadar. The S6 operates on the Android system, while the iPhone 6 utilizes the iOS.


A bachelor's degree is required to work as a healthcare administrator, states the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Healthcare administrators are also known as healthcare executives or medical and health services managers.