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As of 2015, a SMART Money Card is activated in the Philippines by dialing 15177 using a SMART cellphone, according to Smart.com.ph. The smart card can also be activated with a landline phone by calling the number 02-845-7777.


Some methods to help increase intelligence include seeking out novelty, seeking out challenges and social networking. While intelligence is often thought of as a fixed quality, exposing the brain to new situations and challenges can help improve cognitive function.


SmartPay is a lease-to-own payment service. It is used by customers to purchase electronic gadgets, devices and accessories, and make payments later in fixed, scheduled installments over time, according to the company's website.


United Healthcare providers are providers that accept the United Healthcare health insurance, which means that a person who has United Healthcare can see the physicians and providers listed under United Healthcare with full coverage. A list of the physicians and providers available for those with Un


Canine intelligence is measured in a variety of ways, including memory, agility, problem solving abilities and adaptability. Some dogs have problem-solving abilities similar to that of human children, and can recognize human facial expression and hand gestures in a manner that is more advanced than


A healthcare consultant identifies operational challenges faced by health organizations; and, designs, develops and implements solutions. The health organization generally hires a healthcare consultant part-time, but a large organization may hire the consultant full-time.


Smart Stay is a feature on select Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets that prevents the display from turning off despite the screen timeout setting. It keeps the screen awake by using the device's front camera to detect whether the user is looking at the screen.


You can use a smart watch to get directions and connect to your phone. You can also use a smart watch to send emojis and play music.


Smart windows are windows that can be user-controlled to block off some or all light from entering the home. As of 2014, a smart window can be built using either suspended particle devices or liquid crystals to achieve the light-blocking effect.


A smart TV is any television capable of Internet connectivity. Once connected, a smart TV can stream video on demand from providers such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, and they can utilize online options that include Web surfing, instant messaging and social networking.