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A smart card, chip card, or integrated circuit card (ICC) is a physical electronic authorization device, used to control access to a resource.It is typically a plastic credit card-sized card with an embedded integrated circuit (IC) chip. Many smart cards include a pattern of metal contacts to electrically connect to the internal chip. Others are contactless, and some are both.


Tx Systems Inc. is the leading distributor for Smart Cards and Readers for ID security and access control products. Tx Systems solutions also include Secure Logon, Public Key Infrastructure PKI, Physical Access Control and Logical Access for networks. Tx Systems has a variety of CAC/PIV compliant readers and certified security solutions.


Smart Cards & Smart Card Operating Systems. ACS develops and provide smart card with a proprietary smart card operation system (ACOS). ACOS cards meet the security requirements of these applications via multilevel secured access hierarchy.


The card data is transmitted via a reader, which is the outward facing component of the smart card security computing system. Several systems across a wide range of commercial sectors, like banking, healthcare, finance, entertainment, and media nowadays use smart card security systems in their applications.


Find web applications that enable users to experience the functionalities of ACS smart cards and smart card readers. These demo applications are offered free of charge. Applications require that a user have the smart card or smart card reader being demonstrated. Go to Demos


A Smart Card Management System (SCMS) or Credential Management System (CMS) is a system for managing smart cards through the life cycle of the smart cards. Thus, the system can issue the smart cards, maintain the smart cards while in use and finally take the smart cards out of use .


Our Smart Card system is not only a payment solution, it’s also a business assistant. Our back office software and tablet app were designed to help route operators seamlessly manage their businesses with real-time tracking and robust reporting capabilities.


Introduce Access Control, Debt Meal, Cashless Payment in One Card Practical for Electrical Payment, Student ID Card, Bank Credit Card, Employee ID Card. Smart card system is designed to provide multi-use of single card. With the embedded IC (Chip Card), the Smart Card can store large amount of information within the card and when it is used with the Smart Card Reader, it is can be applied as ...


The smart card operating system (Card OS) is the hardware-specific firmware that provides basic functionality such as secure access to on-card storage, authentication and encryption. Smart card multi application OS such as MULTOS and JavaCard allow writing programs that can be loaded onto a smart card.


A $21B market in 2023. According to M arkets and Markets' recent research report, the smart card market value is expected to reach $21.57 billion by 2023. Currently, smart cards and card readers account for more than 75% of the market. The related market for software comprises management system software and databases.