According to Georgia State University, the three smallest bones in the human body are the ossicles found in the ear, also know as auditory ossicles. The term "ossicles" means "tiny bones" and can be used for other small ... More »

The smallest bone in the human body is the stape, and it is located in the middle ear. The stapes is one of three small bones in the middle ear that allow mammals to transmit sound waves through their eardrum and hear. More »

The longest bone in the human body is the femur, which is also called the thigh bone. On average, it is about 20 inches long, according to Infoplease. More »

There are three bones in each ear, and they're some of the tiniest bones in the human body. These bones are found in the middle ear and are called the ossicles. More »

The four types of bones in the human body are long, flat, irregular and short. The bones give the human body its structure and work with the muscles and joints to promote movement. More »

The bony skeleton of the human body provides many vital functions essential to life, but one of the most noticeable is that without bones, an individual could no longer move his body. Muscles contract using bones as leve... More »

There are a total of 160 bursae in the human body located around the major joints in the body. The major bursae are found near the tendons around the large joints such as the shoulder joint, elbow joint, hip jiont and kn... More »