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Engine backfire is caused by an imbalance in the air-to-fuel ratio of the vehicle. Backfires occur in one of two places. A backfire in the intake manifold is caused by a ratio that is too lean (not enough fuel). A backfire out of the exhaust system is caused by a ratio that is too rich (too much fue


Cars backfire for several reasons, including air and fuel mixing due to leaking hoses or other mechanical problems. Faulty spark plugs or wires can cause a car to backfire. It can also occur when shifting to a lower gear in a car with high horsepower.


Backfiring during acceleration occurs when ignition takes place in the intake or exhaust instead of the combustion chamber. The most common causes for backfiring during acceleration include an incorrect fuel-to-air ratio, a faulty ignition and bad wiring.


When the explosive noise of a car backfire occurs, it usually indicates that the air-to-fuel mixture is unbalanced or that a problem exists with the vehicle's timing. A backfire is the result of fuel burning outside to the engine's combustion chamber. Backfires can occur in either the intake system


Car backfires through the carburetor are sometimes caused by a lean air/fuel mixture. Backfires may also be caused by a leaking hose, faulty plugs or the brand of fuel being pumped in.


Startup programs are programs that begin to load when the computer is turned on and Windows begins to load. Some startup programs are necessary for the computer to function normally; however, some programs are not necessary and may even harm the computer.


Ideas for new startup businesses include graffiti removal, virtual assistant services, patient gift packaging and career counseling. Such startup business usually come with hidden costs, fees and necessary tools.


To name a startup company, brainstorm words associated with the service and come up with potential names. To gauge the success of a potential name, either hire a naming firm or test the names with dummy Web pages.


To change the startup programs on a computer, open the MSConfig Windows tool, and enable and disable programs to your liking. You need a system with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed.


Items that should appear on a startup cost list for a new business include general expenses such as renting and utilities for office space, purchasing equipment, creating or hosting a website, and specific expenses related to the initial establishment of the company. It should also feature sections