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The New Jersey Lottery's Pick 3 is a lottery game in which players choose three single-digit numbers for a 50-cent entry fee. The lottery holds drawings twice daily, at 12:59pm and 7:58pm. Players who get all three numbers correct on a standard ticket win $275, as of 2015.


NetState reports that the four geographic land regions in New Jersey are the Atlantic Coastal Plain, the Piedmont, the New England Upland and the Appalachian Ridge and Valley Region. There are different organizations that divide New Jersey into different regions for different purposes.


A legal entity name is a term that refers to a group of real people, called natural persons, that acts as one entity for legal matters. Examples of such legal matters include contracts or lawsuits. Legal entities include corporations, unions and political parties.


To perform a business name search, go to the website of the county or state governing body that handles new business licenses for the company's area, and enter the name in the search field. In many areas, this process is handled by the Secretary of State or Clerk-Recorder's office.


A business entity is an organization that's formed to conduct business. The type of entity formed determines how a business is taxed. Learn more about how they work. A business entity is an organization that's formed to conduct business. The type of business entity formed determines how a business i


There are a variety of designations at the state level, but for federal tax purposes, there are six forms of business organizations. Learn what they are. Numerous designations for business formations exist at the state level, but only six business entities are recognized by the Internal Revenue Code


Do you know which entity structure is ideal for your business? Discover the pros and cons of business entities so you can decide which is best. Are you planning to plunge all your efforts in the business world? Most of us want or rather aspire to own huge business enterprises that command good reput


Yahoo says it hasn't ceded Internet search to Google or Bing, and will come out swinging with new features soon. Ever since Yahoo and Microsoft finally managed to do a deal that put Microsoft’s Bing search engine behind Yahoo’s search capabilities, there’s been a perception that Yahoo has given up c


If you started a limited liability company or a limited partnership, to find out if your favored business name is available, ask the Secretary of State to make a California business name search. The Secretary can also tell you if the name conflicts with any California trademarks. Even if you come up


As a business owner, you may need to conduct a tax ID search to check a company's legitimacy or validate its information when filling out forms. There are several resources you can use, including the EDGAR database, GuideStar and online search tools. If you've lost your own EIN, contact the IRS. Mos