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Small Business Data Data are facts on people, places and business collected in censuses and surveys and through administrative records (e.g., birth certificates). The results released based on these data collections are often called statistics.


An in-depth look at the small business trends and statistics that will affect current and aspiring entrepreneurs in 2020 including top challenges, hottest industries, and popular financing options.


Small Business Pulse Survey results are now available. ... Business and Economy. The Census Bureau produces economic data across the entire economy on a monthly, quarterly, yearly, and five-year basis. ... Updated weekly Business Formation Statistics with business application data at the national, regional and state levels.


A micro enterprise employs nine people or fewer, and this is the most common kind of private-sector business in the U.S. Small business statistics show that while this might be the most common kind of enterprise, its share of employees is very small, providing only 10.5% of all private-sector jobs.


The Office of Advocacy's Small Business Economic Bulletin uses quarterly and monthly data to illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of the current small business economy. Small businesses strength indicators include self-employment …


Small business confidence is at a record high says a recent survey of more than 2,000 small-business owners conducted by CNBC and SurveyMonkey. Even with a competitive job market and looming trade war, 33% of respondents said they plan to add more employees within the next year.


How businesses are adapting to a coronavirus pandemic economy Small acts of resilience as businesses navigate new pressures during a pandemic.


To put Small Business Saturday in context, it’s helpful to understand their impact on the American economy. Here are some helpful stats from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). Keep in mind that the SBA defines a small business pretty broadly – for many industries, that means up to 500 employees or $7.5 million in average annual ...


According to the US Small Business Administration, there are nearly 30 million small businesses in the United States employing 47.8 percent of US workers. These businesses have a big impact on the US economy through job creation and innovation. The first part of this article includes recent market studies and small business statistics.


The SBA Office of Advocacy, the "small business watchdog" of the government, examines the role and status of small business in the economy and independently represents the views of small business to federal government agencies, Congress, and the President of the United States. It is the source for small business statistics presented in user ...