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Some potential cures for backfire occurring through a carburettor or a muffler are to change fuel brands or taking time to idle the engine to a neutral speed before shutting it down. Another cure could also be to check any attached anti-afterfire solenoid to see if operation has been compromised, as


Good carbs are the foods that are rich in fibers such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables and beans. Vegetables and fruits help people eliminate waste easily. They absorb slowly in a person's system and help him lose fat effectively, according to WebMD.


The term “low-carb” means a diet that is low in carbohydrate intake and focuses on a higher protein and fat intake, according to the Mayo Clinic. Part of this diet includes the elimination of starchy vegetables and fruits, as well as grains.


When a motorcycle engine has an emission system malfunction, such as an exhaust leak or a moment of running rich or running lean, backfire occurs as a result. When an engine is running rich, there is more fuel present than air, according to DoItYourself.com. When it is running lean, there is more ai


Fast carbohydrates are simple carbohydrates that are rapidly digested by the body and usually have little nutritional value. Slow carbohydrates have more complex structures, are usually high in fiber and nutritional content, and take longer for the body to digest, according to SFGate.


Fast carbs are foods that contain a high glycemic index, while slow carbs are foods that have a lower glycemic index, states SFGate. A food's glycemic index determines how quickly carbohydrates elevate blood sugar in the bloodstream after they are absorbed. Higher values mean quicker absorption.


A low-carb diet consists of 50 to 150 grams of carbohydrates, depending on the diet. The average daily carbohydrate intake is 225 to 325 grams, based on a diet of 2,000 calories per day. Low-carb diets are proven to be effective in weight loss.


There are several reasons that can cause backfire in an Edelbrock carburetor, including high-alcohol gasoline, carb adjustment level, engine temperature, speed reduction rate, muffler construction and the carburetor's sensitivity of internal transitional passage. Edelbrock carburetors are unaffected


A carb count is a calculation of the total grams of carbohydrates that are consumed during snacks or meals. Many patients with diabetes count carbs to keep their blood sugar at optimal levels. Foods that contain carbs affect blood sugar levels more than foods that contain protein and fats.


Low-carb snacks include turkey and mozzarella cheese roll-ups, a side salad topped with either an egg or an avocado, artichokes and shrimp, nuts and hummus. A low-carb diet is one option for individuals who want to lose weight.